Mar 012017

10.1″ Video Card Touch Screen

10.1″ Video Card Touch Screen

▪Display: 2 x 10.1″ TFT/LCD display touch screen
▪Memory: 2 x 256 MB
▪Battery: 2x 5000 mah
▪Speaker: 2 x 8 Ω 2W
▪Format: AVI/MP4 and JPG
▪Activation: ON/OFF activation
▪Buttons: 2 buttons, ON/OFF
▪Micro USB cable

Jan 162017

Premium Ballpoint Pen

Premium ballpoint pen, metal, metal refill, branding, gift box

Dreams Pens
Premium Ballpoint Pens
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Floating Pens & Liquid Pens
Pen Gadgets
Pens CLIP 4U
Parfume Pens
Premium Stylus Pens
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Christsmas Cards & Branded Pens
Business Pens

Ballpoint Pen Gift Boxes

Dec 272016

4.3″ Video Card SLIM

4.3″ Video Card SLIM

4.3″ video card SLIM, 200 mm x 200 mm, glossy, 4c branding, custom design

▪Video Card & Video Brochure

Dec 222016

Branded USB Card PUZZLE

USB card PUZZLE, size 86 mm x 58 mm, 4c printing

USB Flash Drive PUZZLE





Dec 092016

What Are Promotional Products?

Promotional products are useful and/or symbolic products which are used in advertising and communication as communication vehicles, goodwill reminders, signs, gifts and incentives.

Recognition Awards

Plaques, service pins, trophies, award jewellery and other gifts that signify performance or honours can be categorized as recognition awards.

Business Gifts

Typically given by businesses to customers and employees, and occasionally, to influentials and suppliers. In the context used here, business gifts are not extravagant gifts and trips. Gift-giving reasons cited by companies are: To thank customers, to develop business, to recognize employee performance and longevity, because customers expect them, and others.

Why Use Promotional Products?

Here is top uses of promotional products:

▪Promote goodwill/image
▪Reinforce marketing of existing products, services, facilities
▪Recognize employee performance
▪Generate sales leads
▪Promote trade show traffic
▪Introduce new products, services, facilities
▪Stimulate employee sales performance
▪Stimulate employee productivity

Promotional products is being positioned more and more, not as a pure product, but as part of the promotion buyer promotional and communications mix.

High speed information gives audiences a choice about whether they wish to be exposed to mass advertising. Promotional products advertising has proven to be much more effective in its unobtrusive, targeted, personalized approach.

Due to its useful nature, promotional products tend to be kept and used, leading to voluntary repeated exposure, recognition and retention of the advertiser’s name and/or message.

The use of promotional products is most effective when the target audience is specifically identified. Items can then be selected to appeal to that audience, creating a positive response and eliminating waste distribution.

Which products to choose when there are tens of thousands of products to choose from? This task is most easily accomplished with the help of a professional promotional product distributor.

Dec 072016

Printed And Embroidered Towels & Textiles

Welcome To Hatton Textiles

Hatton Textiles manufacture & design Jacquard, printed and embroidered towels and textiles to the sports, promotion and hotel industries. Whatever your industry and branding we can supply high-quality promotion towels and garments to reinforce your brand and corporate identity.

With 25 years of experience we pride ourselves on our exceptionally high standards and the value, quality and durability of our products.

Golf Towels

Wherever golf is played, chances are you will find a Hatton towel on someone’s bag.  Famous throughout the world and suppliers to clubs, equipment manufacturers, retailers, country clubs and fashion houses. Hatton have been weaving high quality towels for over 30 years.

Printed And Embroidered Towels & Textiles

Embroidered Towel